South West School Of Clinical Hypnotherapy

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Would you like to train to be a Professional Hypnotherapist?

Would you like to learn new skills or are you looking for a rewarding career? We offer flexible learning in a professional & supportive environment


17 Days classroom based training with distance learning and home study. If you are a good listener and like helping people, then this could be the right place to start! CALL:01892 750255


CPD training offered. See our dates page for more information OR email:

Do you want to add to your existing skill set?

Learn powerful techniques that will help your existing & future clients If you are a counsellor, psychotherapist or complementary practitioner, adding Hypnotherapy to your skill set could enhance your practice. Call us to find out how we could support you.

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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a natural, safe and effective way of opening the mind to make positive and beneficial life changes. With Hypnosis, you can change old habits and patterns of behaviour; heal past hurts; discard negative & self-limiting beliefs, to help you create the life you want.  


The term "hypnosis" is used to describe a state of awareness. We experience this state of awareness quite naturally every day.

A driving state; driving your car home and realising that you have arrived at your destination without realising or paying attention to the detail on the journey.
Daydreaming state; when our minds wander and our thoughts are directed to other things or feelings.

Hypnopompic state; the transition from sleeping to waking.(The alarm goes off, and you hit snooze..... you can hear the sounds around you, you know where you are, but you are in a relaxed state.

You may have heard the term "trance". Trance and Hypnosis are the one in the same. When a person is in "trance" or "hypnosis" they become more aware of their inner thoughts; feelings and sensations. This allows the conscious mind (critical, analytical mind) to take a back seat therefore allowing the creative mind (unconscious mind) to be more receptive to positive and beneficial suggestions made by the hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy is a natural, safe and effective way to make positive and beneficial life changes. So if you are curious to seek a new direction in your life, enjoy helping others to achieve their dreams, want a rewarding and satisfying career, then training to become a succesful Clinical Hypnotherapy practitioner is for you.