South West School Of Clinical Hypnotherapy

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Would you like to train to be a Professional Hypnotherapist?

Would you like to learn new skills or are you looking for a rewarding career? We offer flexible learning in a professional & supportive environment


17 Days classroom based training with distance learning and home study. If you are a good listener and like helping people, then this could be the right place to start! CALL:01892 750255


CPD training offered. See our dates page for more information OR email:

Do you want to add to your existing skill set?

Learn powerful techniques that will help your existing & future clients If you are a counsellor, psychotherapist or complementary practitioner, adding Hypnotherapy to your skill set could enhance your practice. Call us to find out how we could support you.

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Transpersonal Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Healing explores the fascinating realm of the superconscious mind, or the field or "The Unified Field" or the "I Am" which is beyond the rational but can precede the mystical and which is limitless or "Infinite" in nature. The superconscious mind encompasses all things from the macroscopic to the microscopic and beyond. It comprises all things physical and those that are non physical or beyond the personal, biological, developmental and societal aspects of the human psyche. It is omniscient and omnipresent.
Well known psychologists that have explored aspects of transpersonal psychology within their work are Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow, Stanislav Grof, James Fadiman, Miles Vich, Sonya Margulies, Robert Frager, Charles T. Tart and many others.

It is an holistic journey we go on which accesses information beyond the five senses, which transcends physical and ego boundaries as we explore our beliefs, our strengths, and our weaknesses in an attempt to understand our Self and bring about Self-growth and the healing we need. It encompasses a number of approaches that honour the spirituality of the client and goes beyond the individual to consider the deep connections between human beings and our capacity to transcend the limitations of a three-dimensional consciousness.

Recognising the whole person on a physical, emotional, mental, intuitive and spiritual level. There is an emphasis on the innate spiritual resources within each individual, along with the assumption that the guidance of a `Higher Power` will prevail within the therapeutic relationship, synchronistically bringing those insights and experiences that lead to the client`s highest good. 

Are you interested in inner guidance, accessing spiritual resources in hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy / past life healing, neo-shamanic techniques, hypno-healing, spiritual / transpersonal and metaphysical approaches to common issues and problems and any other spiritual or parapsychological applications of psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and NLP used in a context that acknowledges the significance and depth of the human spirit and soul? 

If the answer is yes, then do consider Transpersonal Therapy, Hypnosis and Healing. 
This way of working has a history as long as hypnosis itself with time-tested spiritual traditions of enlightenment and liberation. It will help relate your experiences within life as a meaningful part of your personal development in which you have the opportunity to grow into a greater sense of who you truly are.