South West School Of Clinical Hypnotherapy

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Would you like to train to be a Professional Hypnotherapist?

Would you like to learn new skills or are you looking for a rewarding career? We offer flexible learning in a professional & supportive environment


17 Days classroom based training with distance learning and home study. If you are a good listener and like helping people, then this could be the right place to start! CALL:01892 750255


CPD training offered. See our dates page for more information OR email:

Do you want to add to your existing skill set?

Learn powerful techniques that will help your existing & future clients If you are a counsellor, psychotherapist or complementary practitioner, adding Hypnotherapy to your skill set could enhance your practice. Call us to find out how we could support you.

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Mind Design training

Day 1
Mind Modulation
Day 2
Mind Maps 
Day 3
Mind - over - Matter
Day 4
Mind Dimensions
Day 5
Mediation in Mind
Day 6
Day 7
Master Mind


An introduction to NLP & Life Skills (One day)
7 day intensive Life Skills training
7 days: Part 1 (4 days) Part 2 (3 days) Life Skills training

Course hours are divided into classroom study, case study portfolio work and reading hours. Each classroom day consists of 6 hours tuition (this does not include breaks) making the total 42 classroom hours face to face tuition. Students are required to complete three case studies on the syllabus covered on the course and we estimate the study hours required for this would be ten hours plus reading hours.

Upon successful completion of the seven days training and requisite studies, you will be awarded a Certificate in Life Coaching.

Before me is endless opportunity to explore communication in every sense”


DAY 1 –Mind Modulation
What we see; what we hear; how we feel; what we smell and taste is an integral part of our daily lives. How we choose to process the information (seeing; hearing; feeling; smelling; tasting) affects our next reaction or response to a certain thing; person and situation. The mind and body are one system. We process all information through our senses. We already have all the resources we need or we can create them. Therefore, there are no un-resourceful people, only un-resourceful states.

Mind- Modulation is the beginning of the journey to understanding the foundations of communication and how you communicate within yourself and with others

DAY 2 – Mind Maps
When we are born we do not come with an owner’s manual. Our brain is one
of the most complex structures on earth and we have barely begun to understand
its potential; our potential. Mind - Maps continues the journey to
understanding how you interact with and how you view the world, what motivates you and
what drives you

DAY 3 – Mind over Matter
As we begin to get a sense of the power that lies within us it can be a potent reminder of the things we have yet to achieve. Mind-Over Matter is a day dedicated to your story so far and the adventures you have yet to experience in pursuit of your goals.

 DAY 4 – Mind Dimensions
Until now we have focused on your internal world but essentially we are social creatures. Because we do not live in isolation, it is important that we recognise and value the people around us. Mind - Fields looks at the systems you are part of and considers how they can support you to achieve your goals.

DAY 5 – Mediation in Mind
Previously we have looked at “relationship”,
within ourselves and the people around us. What happens when these
relationships are less than healthy? Mediation in Mind is a day dedicated to
understanding how we can improve the way we communicate, in order to build
healthy, genuine, and strong connections with the people around us.

DAY 6 – Mindfulness
Human beings are fundamentally creatures of habit. We create patterns of
behaviour based on previous experiences and rely on these to guide present and
future behaviour, often at an unconscious level. Mindfulness will help you to
consider your personal patterns of behaviour by exploring the strategies you
use and how you can utilise these strategies to inform your decision making
with increased insight and precision

DAY 7- Master Mind
How would it be for you to be able to master your mind and harness everything you have learned, not just on this course, but in your life until now and to take all of that learning into your future, to make it the very best it can be? There are no un-resourceful people, only un-resourceful states.

You have all the resources you need to create your future and your future matters.

Three case studies are required to be completed before prior to certification.