South West School Of Clinical Hypnotherapy

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Would you like to train to be a Professional Hypnotherapist?

Would you like to learn new skills or are you looking for a rewarding career? We offer flexible learning in a professional & supportive environment


17 Days classroom based training with distance learning and home study. If you are a good listener and like helping people, then this could be the right place to start! CALL:01892 750255


CPD training offered. See our dates page for more information OR email:

Do you want to add to your existing skill set?

Learn powerful techniques that will help your existing & future clients If you are a counsellor, psychotherapist or complementary practitioner, adding Hypnotherapy to your skill set could enhance your practice. Call us to find out how we could support you.

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Below is a brief outline of the course content. 

We also reserve the right to change the order of the syllabus if required.


Before me is endless opportunity”

DAY 1: What is Hypnosis all about?
What is Hypnosis? Trance States.
Structure of basic hypnotic inductions.
Simple Inductions, Deepeners & Awakening.
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions. Contra-indications.
The Power of the Mind. Establishing Rapport.

DAY 2: Memory & Suggestions
Memory Enhancement.
Laws of Suggestions. Posthypnotic Suggestions.
The Hypnotic Voice. Mirroring; Pacing; Leading
Progressive Relaxation. Confidence & Ego Strengthening
Script Writing. National Occupational Standards (part 1)

DAY 3: Ericksonian Hypnosis
Communication, Listening skills.
Mirroring, Pacing and Leading.
Indirect Suggestions.
Modality and Style of Inductions.
Case History Taking.
National Occupational Standards (part 2)

DAY 4: Weight Control
Ideo-Motor Response (IMR)
Pinpointing exercise and forms to access information.
Affirmations for Weight Control.
Confidence & Positive thinking. Practical applications. National Occupational Standards (part 3)

DAY 5: Stop Smoking
Elimination & Installation.
Gains & Losses and Planning for Stop Smoking and habit breaking.
Direct Suggestion – Stop Smoking Script.
Symptom Substitution and Symptom Intensification.
Hypnotic Phenomena – an overview.

DAY 6: Supervision & Review
Reviewing techniques. Practical applications. Self Assessment


DAY 7: NLP & The Hypnosis partnership

What is NLP and the relationship with hypnotherapy?

DAY 8: Integrative Techniques

Insight orientated techniques. Metaphors and the power of the word

Interactive Trance. How to write your own scripts

DAY 9: Pain & Stress

Hypnosis in Pain management; Secondary gains; When to refer

Stress: Positive versus negative; Why choose Hypnosis to help with Stress?

DAY 10: Anxiety & Panic

What is Anxiety? Different types of Anxiety and how to identify them

Defusing & Catching Panic

DAY 11: Phobia's

Dissociation techniques; Phobia Formula

Introducing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

DAY 12: Revision & Supervision day

Consolidation of learning & practical application to date.

NOS & Safe Practice

DAY 13: Regression

Healing the past; Free floating regression

Age regression & Automatic writing

DAY 14: Inner Dialogue

Parts therapy & Inner child work

How to work with our vulnerability and access support

DAY 15: Children & Hypnosis

Why children respond so well to hypnosis

Story telling; Metaphors; Working with the family

DAY 16: Tools for Therapists

Your voice & voice training

Maintaining a professional practice; boundaries & transference

Marketing yourself

Review of techniques & practical applications

DAY 17: Presentations & Assessments